The GIVEPRIV Foundation

  • The GIVEPRIV Foundation is supervising the donation process to make sure every donation ends op with the right beneficiary at minimal costs.
  • The Foundation also uses third parties to run the daily business, the office, website(s), automation, privacy facilities, security and ICT.

The GIVESAFE Foundation

  • We use a second independent foundation called GIVESAFE that serves only one purpose; it collects, manages and distributes the funds on behalf of the donor.
  • The donation funds are kept separate from all other cash flows.
  • This way your donations at all times are safeguarded even against the very unlikely bankruptcy of the GIVEPRIV Foundation or one of the companies involved in the donation process.
  • Both Foundations were founded in the Netherlands to promote anonymous donations on a worldwide scale with the highest level of privacy protection possible to attract a category of philanthropists who want to keep their identity hidden while donating to any charity of there liking. Hopefully this will ultimately stimulate the grow of donations in the world.
  • In order to fulfil this job the total organisation only requires a 3 % commission with a minimum commission of € 50 per donation and 4% with a minimum of € 100 if you donate with a cryptocurrency. The costs for the (international) bank transfers and the conversion of currencies if needed are deducted when a donation code (digital voucher) is redeemed.
  • We do not use a payment service provider like Stripe, PayPal and third party payment systems like Alipay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Though they offer good services, they all collect data which affects your privacy and they are often expensive. 
  • So ultimately less is left for the beneficiary and your privacy is gone.
  • These payment service providers use cookies, web beacons, trackers or unique device ID’s and collect information about your browser, operating system, provider, location and IP address like any other tech company and many websites do. Besides that they also collect personal and financial information about you during and after (trackers) you donate and they are allowed to share information with third parties as well.
  • Do we need to say more?


Terms of use

By using one or more services of the GIVEPRIV Foundation and the website and other future websites and offered software, further called the Donation Platform, the User agrees to these terms and conditions.

The following definitions apply in these terms and conditions:

Word list Part of Stichting GIVEPRIV, established in Elp and registered with the Chamber of Commerce no. 74396382

Beneficiary: the person, a natural or legal person, who receives donations via the Donation Platform. Bitcoin: abbreviated BTC. An electronic and virtual payment method or cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology;

Donor: the person, a natural or legal person who wishes to donate by using the Donation Platform;

Donation: an amount of money donated by the Donator and / or third party through the purchase and cashing in of one or more Donation Codes;

Donation Code: a unique code that offers the Donor or a third party the opportunity to donate safely and anonymously to one or more beneficiaries through the facilities offered by the GIVEPRIV Foundation;

Donate: giving money through an electronic transaction;

Donation form: means to be able to pass on the data of the beneficiary via ProtonMail to Stichting GIVEPRIV;

Donation Platform: All available facilities, software, website (s) and the Donation Code that make it possible to donate (online) anonymously;

Donation Procedure: The whole of the series of actions and the instructions of the series of actions that must be performed in a specific order by the User and the Donation Platform in order to be able to donate safely and anonymously to a Beneficiary.

User: Any person or (natural) legal person such as institution, company, partnership, foundation or organization who uses the services, facilities, software and website (s), in short the Donation platform of Stichting GIVEPRIV;

ProtonMail, Proton VPN and Signal Private Messenger: respectively and email, virtual network and message service with which you can communicate securely and anonymously; Website (s): All websites to be managed and / or used by Stichting GIVEPRIV, such as                                                                                             

 Art. 1 Applicability

These terms and conditions apply to the content, formation, handling and compliance of all Donations to Stichting GIVEPRIV Foundation and all Donation from Stichting GIVEPRIV to Beneficiaries and replace any previously applicable and / or deposited terms and conditions and / or customary conditions between parties. Provisions, in particular special ones, which deviate from these conditions, are only valid insofar as they have been confirmed in writing by ProtonMail by Stichting GIVEPRIV.

Art. 2. General

2.1. GIVEPRIV Foundation makes it possible to anonymously donate to one or more Beneficiaries via the services, software, website (s) and the Donation Code or in short the Donation Platform.           

2.2. The Donator buys the Donation Code from Stichting GIVEPRIV.

2.3. The Donator can use the Donation Code to donate anonymously to one or more Beneficiaries at any time in the future.

2.4. Donation Codes can also be transferred by Donors to third parties and are valid indefinitely.

2.5. With the Donation Code every third User can nominate one or more Beneficiaries to Stichting GIVEPRIV. User can also designate himself as Beneficiary.

2.6. The Foundation then proceeds to Donate to the Beneficiary based on the receipt of the data from the Beneficiary and the Donation Code. For exceptions, see Article 4.6.

2.7. Stichting GIVEPRIV is free not to accept and / or reject or withdraw the purchase of a Donation Code.

2.8. If the User does not agree with these terms and conditions, then the User should not use the services of or the Donation Platform.

2.9. Complaints and / or comments about the service and / or the content of the website (s) can be submitted by sending an email to:  or

2.10. These General Terms and Conditions have been drawn up in both Dutch and English. In the event of a difference or inconsistency, the version drawn up in the Dutch language will prevail.

Art. 3. Irreversibility and complaint

3.1. Donations in normal currencies such as EUR or USD and crypto currencies such as Bitcoin can no longer be canceled by Stichting GIVEPRIV once they have been received by Stichting GIVEPRIV. However, a complaint is possible in the following manner:

3.2. Complaint because the Donator changes his mind is, however, possible if the Donator returns it after receiving the Donation Code with the (bank) details of the Donator himself. The Donator does owe the usual commission and the associated costs for payment transactions and any exchange costs between currencies.

3.3. Complaints after providing incorrect information about account number or Bitcoin address and other details of the beneficiary by the User that do not stand in the way of implementation, are no longer possible from the moment the Donator has given instructions by providing the details of the beneficiary and the Donation Code per ProtonMail. If the donation to the beneficiary cannot be carried out by supplying incorrect or incomplete information, the GIVEPRIV Foundation will contact ProtonMail with the User in order to be able to make the Donation.

3.4. The GIVEPRIV Foundation is free not to accept and / or reject or return a Donation without giving a reason.

3.5. If Donor does not send a payment reference to Stichting GIVEPRIV within 90 days of receiving his Donation using ProtonMail, Stichting GIVEPRIV will regard this as a donation to Stichting GIVPRIV. Complaints are no longer possible after this period.

Art. 4. Rights and obligations

4.1. Stichting GIVEPRIV will carry out its work as much as possible to the wishes of the User, but is not thereby bound by instructions from the User regarding the implementation of the Donation in exceptional cases. (see article 3.7) 4.2. Stichting GIVEPRIV reserves the right to change, terminate or extend its services, as well as to change or extend these conditions. Stichting GIVEPRIV will endeavor to inform the User in good time of any adjustments.

4.3. Stichting GIVEPRIV reserves the right to engage third parties at its own discretion or to transfer work and obligations at its own discretion, provided that Stichting GIVEPRIV ensures that these third parties are subject to the same confidentiality and privacy obligations as Stichting GIVEPRIV itself.

4.4. Stichting GIVEPRIV is at all times entitled – also during the Donation procedure – to refuse the User access to the facilities and services offered via the Website or otherwise without Stichting GIVEPRIV being obliged to compensate any damage to the User.

4.5. If the User acts contrary to these Terms and Conditions of Use, the GIVEPRIV Foundation will inform the Donator of this and the Donation will be returned to a bank account to be specified by the Donator, taking into account the commission and any costs incurred.

4.6. In principle, the GIVEPRIV Foundation accepts all Charities that the User proposes as a beneficiary, unless this choice implies that the implementation of this donation does not comply with all applicable (national and international) laws and regulations.

4.7. Stichting GIVEPRIV is entitled at all times to refuse a Charity without giving a reason. The User is then free to propose another Charity or to claim his Donation using the Donation Code.                                                                                                               

Art. 5. Rights and obligations of the User

5.1. The User guarantees that only the User or persons who are authorized to act on behalf of the User use the facilities, software and website (s) offered by Stichting GIVEPRIV. If the User is a natural person, the User guarantees that only he / she they make personal use of the facilities, software and website (s) offered by Stichting GIVEPRIV or those to whom the User / Donor has given away his Donation Code.

5.2. To be able to use the services of Stichting GIVEPRIV anonymously, the User must adhere to the procedures as described on the Donation Platform and make use of the facilities and software as offered on the Donation Platform and the User must implement and use the facilities and software provided to safeguard its privacy. If the User has gone through the entire procedure and agrees with these terms and conditions, Stichting GIVEPRIV will make every effort to protect his identity against curious beneficiaries, employees and third parties so that Donor can donate safely and anonymously.

5.3. The User is obliged to use at least one working Proton e-mail address for all communication between the User and Stichting GIVEPRIV. This e-mail address is also used to correctly implement the Donation and to inform the User about this.

5.4. The User guarantees the accuracy and completeness of the information and data provided, whether or not provided via the facilities, software and website (s) of Stichting GIVEPRIV.

5.5. The User is responsible for monitoring his privacy and safety when using the facilities offered on the Donation Platform and is obliged to handle this data and the facilities, software and website (s) of Stichting GIVEPRIV with care.

5.6. Stichting GIVEPRIV is not responsible for the consequences of incorrect use, storage or sending of the information and facilities, software and website (s) used by the User, nor for delays, extra costs or incorrect donations.

5.7. Not allowed for the User is:

the use of, as well as (trying to) gain access to data, computer systems, networks, databases or software from Stichting GIVEPRIV and / or third parties, parties affiliated with Stichting GIVEPRIV and / or third parties and or from parties cooperating with Stichting GIVEPRIV, without that Stichting GIVEPRIV has given explicit permission for this to the User;

changing, deleting, rendering useless or adding data provided to or data provided by Stichting GIVEPRIV and / or third parties, whether or not by using the provided facilities, software and website (s) of Stichting GIVEPRIV, without permission;

the distribution of pornographic or ethically irresponsible material, including in any case but not exclusively material that affects the honor of minors or impairs the right to private life and / or human dignity as well as material that is an expression of or incitement to discrimination.

5.8. The User undertakes to comply with all applicable (national and international) laws and regulations at all times.

5.9. If article 4.5 up to and including 4.7. and 5.8. is not met by the User, this will never lead to a shortcoming on the part of Stichting GIVEPRIV and Stichting GIVEPRIV can never be held liable for the consequences of a violation. The User indemnifies Stichting GIVEPRIV in this regard.

5.10. After purchasing one or more Donation Codes from Stichting GIVEPRIV, every User is given the opportunity to nominate one or more Beneficiary (s) for donation taking into account the maximum value to be forgiven for the Donation Code minus the commission (see costs) and the additional costs for payment transactions and possible currency conversion.

5.11. The User is free to submit a request for payment of the donation immediately or at any later time after User has received the Donation Code and by sending the Donation Code and the data of the Beneficiary (s). He can also request GIVEPRIV Foundation to donate his Donation Code to one or more nominated Beneficiary (s) distributed in time or to multiple beneficiaries simultaneously or at any later date.

5.12. The Donator is free to donate as much as Donator sees fit, to obtain one or more Donation codes spread simultaneously or in time, to have them (partly) cashed in to third parties or to give as a gift to third parties or donate to Stichting GIVEPRIV or one of the companies involved in the Donation Process.

5.13. Every User is free to choose a Beneficiary by completing the form with the Beneficiary’s details and sending it to the Stichting GIVEPRIV together with the Donation Code.

Art. 6. Donations and payment to beneficiary

6.1. All Donations for the purchase of Donation Codes that are donated or received via the Donation Platform or otherwise to Stichting GIVEPRIV, must (ultimately) be paid to Beneficiaries, including Stichting GIVEPRIV regardless of who or which legal entity has the Donation Code. The period within which this happens is not limited in time. However, the User must take into account management costs and devaluation of the chosen currency. (see Chapter 5)

6.2. Each User is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the information provided both with regard to the Donation to Stichting GIVEPRIV and the payment of the Donation to the Beneficiary.

6.3. Payment of donation funds received by Stichting GIVEPRIV for Beneficiary takes place on the basis of information provided by User about Beneficiary and the Donation Code. If incomplete and / or incorrect information provided by the User about the Beneficiary means that donation funds cannot be paid out, this will result in a delay. Stichting GIVEPRIV will then contact ProtonMail with the User and ask for the missing and / or correct information.

6.4. If incomplete and / or incorrect information provided by the User about the Beneficiary and leads to donations being paid to the wrong beneficiary, Stichting GIVEPRIV cannot reverse this.

6.5. If the Donation Code of the User is lost, stolen or is unusable, the User is responsible for any consequences. Complaint or replacement of the Donation Code at GIVEPRIV Foundation is possible. In the event of loss (or suspicion of) theft, the User can report the theft or loss through the ProtonMail e-mail address that he used earlier and ask the GIVEPRIV Foundation for a new Donation Code. For this € 50 or the equivalent thereof will be charged in a different currency. A third party whose Donation Code is stolen or loses it must inform the GIVEPRIV Foundation through ProtonMail and contact the Donator and ask him to request a new Donation Code.

6.6. If incomplete and / or incorrect information provided by the User about the Beneficiary leads to donation money, even after Stichting GIVEPRIV has requested the correct or missing information, the User still remains in default and has been informed of this, The User himself must provide a solution. If the User fails to do so, the User can enter his own details to have the Donation paid back to the account of the User after deduction of the usual commission (see costs) and the costs incurred.

6.7. For any questions regarding the implementation of the Donation procedure, the User must cooperate with requests for information from the Stichting GIVEPRIV, the banks and / or the bodies that regulate and / or facilitate the payment method.

6.8. Shortcomings of the User in providing information required to complete the entire Donation Procedure as described inter alia in Article 6.3, will never lead to a shortcoming or liability for GIVEPRIV. The User indemnifies Stichting GIVEPRIV in this regard.

6.9. Stichting GIVEPRIV is entitled to use another payment system without stating reasons, even if this is accompanied by a change in the costs thereof.

6.10. Stichting GIVEPRIV is not liable for damage caused by the non-functioning or incomplete functioning of the software, hardware and / or the external payment system.

Art. 7. Commission and costs

 7.1. A 3% commission is deducted from Donations, with a minimum of € 50 for each Donation Code with normal currency such as US Dollars or Euros and 4% with a minimum of € 100 for each Donation Code bought with Bitcoin as well as the costs of (international) payment transactions and any costs of conversion into other currencies.

7.2. For each year from the moment of receiving the Donation for the purchase of a Donation Code, the GIVEPRIV Foundation charges 0.5% management costs over the initial amount of the Donation in that year. The GIVEPRIV Foundation informs Donors about this once a year.

Art. 8. Donation platform consisting of website (s), software and facilities

8.1. Stichting GIVEPRIV has compiled the content of the Websites with the greatest possible care. However, the information displayed on the Websites may also include information from various sources and from third parties.

8.2. The Websites may contain references (for example by means of a hyperlink, banner or button) to the websites of third parties. Stichting GIVEPRIV Foundation has no control over the content of these websites. Stichting GIVEPRIVnot responsible for the content of these websites. The use of such links is entirely at your own risk.

8.3. Stichting GIVEPRIV makes every reasonable effort to secure its system against loss and / or against any form of unlawful use. The GIVEPRIV foundation implements appropriate technical and organizational measures for this, taking into account, among other things, the state of the art. Stichting  GIVEPRIV is not liable for any damage on the part of the User or third parties that is the result of insufficient security.

8.5. Stichting GIVEPRIV strives to keep the Websites and offered facilities online all the time, but does not provide any guarantee for this.  Stichting GIVEPRIV is entitled to temporarily disable or limit the use of the Websites in the event that, for example, this is necessary for maintaining or modifying the Website without this resulting in any right of the User to compensation towards Stichting GIVEPRIV.

8.6. The User is not permitted to gain access to the private part of the Website(s) and possibly transfer it to a third party, make it available or otherwise provide it, or provide the login details for the use of the private part of the Website(s). provide the Website (s) to third parties in any way whatsoever.

8.7. The User is responsible for the use of the Website(s). The use of the Website(s) is entirely at the User’s own risk. Stichting GIVEPRIV therefore does not guarantee that (the content of) its websites will be fully available, correct, complete and up-to-date at all times and does not guarantee that the Websites will work without interruption, be free of viruses, trojans and other errors and / or defects, and that defects can be remedied, as well as that third parties do not use their systems unlawfully.

Art. 9. Personal data

9.1. Stichting GIVEPRIV does not request any personal information from Users and the GIVEPRIV Foundation websites do not use cookies, web beacons, trackers or unique device I.D’s and do not collect any information about your location, browser, operating system, provider and IP address. Stichting GIVEPRIV uses the bank details of the Donator provided and stored by its bank when the Donator donates money through one of our bank accounts, but does not store this information elsewhere or does research on the personal details of the owner of the bank account.

9.2. Stichting GIVEPRIV uses the bank details provided by its bank from the Beneficiary provided by the User to make the donation, but does not store this data elsewhere (legibly) or does research into the personal details of the owner of the bank account.

9.3. Stichting GIVEPRIV respects the privacy of the User and ensures that the bank details of Donator and Beneficiary cannot be linked to each other, not even by employees of Stichting GIVEPRIV. Necessary information to complete the Donation process and the associated communication is encrypted or replaced by tokens and stored offline and destroyed after the donation has been completed. Personal information from Users and Beneficiaries is not collected, combined, processed or stored at any stage of the Donation Process. If the User properly implements and uses the communication software and facilities provided, it is not possible for Stichting GIVEPRIV, beneficiaries or other parties to derive its identity from this.

9.4. Software is offered and advised on third-party websites that do not belong to Stichting GIVEPRIV on the Websites and / or Donation Platform. Although these third parties have been carefully selected, Stichting GIVEPRIV bears no responsibility with regard to these third parties and the way in which they handle any data from the User.

Art. 10. Liability

10.1. The liability of Stichting GIVEPRIV vis-à-vis the User, for whatever reason, is limited to the amount of the deducted commission on the Donation with a maximum amount of € 500 per event – in which a related series of events applies as one event. This limitation of liability does not apply in the case of intent, gross negligence, or conscious recklessness on the part of Stichting GIVEPRIV.

10.2. The liability of Stichting GIVEPRIV is excluded insofar as the damage in question is caused by an event attributable to the User or by force majeure caused by circumstances or events beyond the control and will of Stichting GIVEPRIV. (see Article 10.6).

10.3. Under all circumstances, the liability of Stichting GIVEPRIV is limited to the direct damage of the User subject to the limitation of € 500 per event. (see article 10.1).

10.4. Stichting GIVEPRIV is never liable for damage caused by the non-functioning or incomplete functioning of the Websites and / or the Donation Platform or parts thereof.

10.5. Stichting GIVEPRIV will not be liable for what the User will be held liable to third parties, other than for its direct obligation to the User as a result of these conditions. The User shall indemnify Stichting GIVEPRIV in this regard. 10.6. For direct damage to the User as a result of powerlessness such as circumstances / events that are beyond the control and will of Stichting GIVEPRIV, regardless of whether these circumstances or events were (un) foreseeable during the Donation Process, Stichting GIVEPRIV cannot be reasonably held to be in such a situation to be liable. Force majeure includes, but is not limited to, the following circumstances or events: war, fire, labor disputes, strikes, government rules and / or similar rules, non-compliance by suppliers, financial institutions, subcontractors, third party / parties, non-operational are or failures of (systems) of financial institutions and / or telecommunication services and (attempts at) unauthorized intrusion and / or unauthorized use of systems / networks and databases of Stichting GIVEPRIV and all involved third parties such as software suppliers, internet companies and / or financial institutions of which Foundation GIVEPRIV or other parties. This also includes work that has not been performed by others than Stichting GIVEPRIV or by third parties engaged.

10.7. Damage must be reported in writing by the User to Stichting GIVEPRIV as soon as possible, that is to say within one month after familiarity with damage or reasonably known damage, by means of ProtonMail.

10.8. The GIVEPRIV Foundation is indemnified against all claims from financial institutions, payment methods owners, government institutions, customers / and / or other third parties resulting from any acts and / or omissions of the User and (third parties he has engaged). Stichting GIVEPRIV is indemnified against all (legal / incurred) costs of Stichting GIVEPRIV, if they are sued by such parties in connection with any acts and / or omissions of the User.

Art. 11. Intellectual Property Rights

11.1. All intellectual property rights concerning the content and layout of the Websites and other facilities of the Donation Platform, as well as the working methods of the Donations process, belong to Stichting GIVEPRIV Copying, distribution and any other use of these materials is not permitted without express written permission from GIVEPRIV Foundation subject to and only to the extent provided otherwise in mandatory law.

11.2. It is not permitted to include web pages or individual elements (such as images, text, forms, etc.) of the Websites in a frameset or to process them via another web page.

11.3. No intellectual property rights are transferred by Stichting GIVEPRIV and / or any intellectual property rights are granted to the User.

11.4. The User acknowledges and agrees that the websites and the Donation Platform contain files, other content and software that are the property of Stichting GIVEPRIV and / or third parties, that are protected by applicable intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, database rights, neighboring rights , trademark rights and patents.

11.5. Under the conditions set out in these conditions of use, Stichting GIVEPRIV grants the User a limited, personal, revocable, non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable, non-transferable, right to the files and software made available through the Websites and / or view, use and / or listen to the Donation Platform in the manner and format as these files are made available to the User by Stichting GIVEPRIV.

11.6. It is expressly forbidden to download, copy, modify, make public, use for direct or indirect commercial purposes files, data, programs and / or materials, or to use them for any other purpose than the above-mentioned purposes unless expressly stated. written permission from Stichting GIVEPRIV.

11.7. It is not allowed to remove, make illegible, hide or change notifications or mentions concerning intellectual property rights.

Art. 12. Final provisions

12.1. Dutch law applies to these conditions.

12.2. All disputes between parties, including those that are only considered as such by one of the parties, will be settled by the competent court of the location of Stichting GIVEPRIV, currently Elp, without prejudice to the right of Stichting GIVEPRIV to legally or by treaty competent court.

12.3. If any clause mentioned in these conditions and applicable to the User is declared null and void, then this clause will be replaced by a valid clause that corresponds as much as possible to the same meaning. The validity of the other provisions of these terms and conditions remains unchanged.


Our reference: Terms of use

Last change date: 30 May 2019