Donate anonymous worldwide

More than 70% of wealthy people want to donate anonymously to a charity or person of there own choice. This could be a aid organisation, ngo, a scientific or medical institution, a school, university or church, family member, friend or other people in need they want to help.

Why people donate anonymous

There are many reasons to give anonymous. The three reasons (prosperous) donors often mention are the risks involved like theft, fraud, extortion or abduction, the intrusive and persuasive behaviour of charities and fundraisers or they want to avoid hostility from people philosophically opposed to the causes they support.

Many charities and donation platforms do not facilitate anonymous donations, only pretend to do so or raise barriers. The platforms also limit the charities you can choose from and often are expensive. We find that incomprehensible.

Our solutions

We offer you a secure environment and procedure to donate and respect your privacy. We collect nor store personal or financial information at all. Of course your bank collects information and so does ours. However no (financial) data will link the donor to the beneficiary and your privacy is not compromised. The donation code (a digital voucher) plays a crucial role in that process.

We rely on encryption as a trusted third party

Though we trust our dear staff members, leaks are very often caused by human mistakes or resentment. That is why all information that might reveal the identity of the donor is encrypted and there is no money trail, paper trail or digital trail between donor and recipient.

In order to do so we need your help too: you will have to use ProtonMail to communicate privately and secure with us.

Why we use the donation code?

  • The unique donation code is protecting your privacy as a donor.
  • You can donate anonymous to any charity, organisation, family member or person(s) in the world in need; there is no preselecting from our side.
  • The donation code (or donation voucher if you like) stays valid forever!
  • So if you want to keep and store it for a while, no problem.
  • You can buy as many donation codes as you want.
  • You can use a part of its value and donate to several beneficiaries or periodically to the same charity.
  • Every time you do that, you receive an email with a new code and the remaining value.
  • You can let us execute the code on your behalf or give it to the beneficiary yourself to redeem it.
  • With ProtonMail you can even anonymous add a personal note.
  • The GIVEPRIV Foundation is supervising the donation process and the independent GIVESAFE Foundation uses a third party funds account and manages the funds, so that your donations are safe no matter what happens.

The GIVEPRIV Foundation

  • The GIVEPRIV Foundation is supervising the donation process to make sure every donation ends op with the right beneficiary at minimal costs.
  • The Foundation also uses third parties to run the daily business, the office, website(s), automation, privacy facilities, security and ICT.

The GIVESAFE Foundation

  • We use a second independent foundation called GIVESAFE that serves only one purpose; it collects, manages and distributes the funds on behalf of the donor.
  • The donation funds are kept separate from all other cash flows.
  • This way your donations at all times are safeguarded even against the very unlikely bankruptcy of the GIVEPRIV Foundation or one of the companies involved in the donation process.
  • Both Foundations were founded in the Netherlands to promote anonymous donations on a worldwide scale with the highest level of privacy protection possible to attract a category of philanthropists who want to keep their identity hidden while donating to any charity of there liking. Hopefully this will ultimately stimulate the grow of donations in the world.
  • In order to fulfil this job the total organisation only requires a 3 % commission with a minimum commission of € 50 per donation and 4% with a minimum of € 100 if you donate with a cryptocurrency. The costs for the (international) bank transfers and the conversion of currencies if needed are deducted when a donation code (digital voucher) is redeemed.
  • We do not use a payment service provider like Stripe, PayPal and third party payment systems like Alipay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Though they offer good services, they all collect data which affects your privacy and they are often expensive. 
  • So ultimately less is left for the beneficiary and your privacy is gone.
  • These payment service providers use cookies, web beacons, trackers or unique device ID’s and collect information about your browser, operating system, provider, location and IP address like any other tech company and many websites do. Besides that they also collect personal and financial information about you during and after (trackers) you donate and they are allowed to share information with third parties as well.
  • Do we need to say more?